Friday, February 29, 2008

Chris Simon Era

Before you get your undies in a bundle, over the acquisition of Chris Simon, please take a look at the Minnesota Wild's record since Chris Simon joined the Wild. After tonight's impressive yet close victory over the Florida Panthers, the Minnesota Wild is 2-0 since adding Chris Simon to the roster. Is it a coincidence? Being a glass is half full guy, I say that it isn't a coincidence. The Minnesota Wild was in a slump prior to adding him and are now on a roll since he started suiting up. The "skill players" seem to be playing with more confidence. I just hope that Boogaard comes back so I can see a line consisting of Boogaard, Fedoruk and Simon! GO WILD!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wild need to Move to Improve

It is officially time to panic. Yesterdays Calgary game was terrible and the Minnesota Wild is a hockey team reeling and it is crunch time. I just hope that Doug Risebrough and the rest of the Wild front office brass have the same opinion.

I am afraid that the Minnesota Wild is too much like the Minnesota Twins in that they are unwilling to think outside of the box and actually take some chances. For the last five or six years, the Minnesota Twins have been unwilling to make a trade where they received a veteran player that could help them win now in exchange for a young player that would help them win later. We are now hearing the same type of things from the Minnesota Wild.

The Wild have publicly stated that they aren’t willing to “mortgage their future” for a “rent a player” at the trading deadline. Well, time is running out. They have sold out every game since their inception but my impression is that if they don’t make a run in the playoffs this year, the loyal Minnesota Wild fans are going to get restless. How long will they continue to sell out the arena when the team is so cautious and always playing for next year? In my mind, it is time for the Minnesota Wild front office to take a chance and make a move before the trading deadline. If they don’t, they most assuredly will be like the Minnesota Twins and always be a bridesmaid but never a bride!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where is the Killer Instinct?

The Minnesota Wild had a chance to put a nail in the Vancouver Canucks' coffin tonight but instead they came out flat and lost to the Canucks in overtime. So, instead of being up eight points on Vancouver in the standings, they are only up five points which is in striking distance. I don't understand how the Minnesota Wild could not be fired up beyond belief for tonight's NHL game but they weren't. At this point in the season, I still don't have a good feel for whether the Minnesota Wild has what it takes to go on a long NHL Playoff run. I would like to buy Minnesota Wild Playoff tickets this year so I hope they have what it takes!

I also wish someone would drill Matt Cooke. There are very few NHL players that I despise as much as Matt Cooke. For some reason, the referees are blind to his "cheap shots" and his instigating ways. It would be really fun to watch someone (Fedoruk) kick his butt!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wild vs. Oilers

It is the second intermission and watching the Minnesota Wild game has made me want to rip my hair out. While watching the game, a few questions have come to mind:

1) How do you out shoot the Oilers by like 20 shots in the second period and not lead the game?
2) Why does it seem like the opposition goalie always looks like Ken Dryden when they play the Minnesota Wild?
3) Can the Wild actually blow someone out some day?
4) When does Boogaard come back?
5) Does Backstom have to let in one soft goal every game?

All that I can hope is that my favorite team will dominate the third period like they did the second period and actually score a few goals. I am going to go grab a cold beverage and analyze the third period. Losing this game would be a major drag!

Minnesota Wild compete in close call games

The Minnesota Wild are keeping fans on their toes with close wins and losses. Here is a run down of the most recent Wild games:

<>Thursday Feb 7 Wild vs. Dallas Stars at Xcel Energy Center 1 – 0 Loss
<>Saturday Feb 9 Wild vs. NY Islanders at Xcel Energy Center 3 - 4 Win, Overtime
<>Sunday Feb 10 Wild vs. St Louis Blues at St Louis 2 – 1 Win, Shootout

Upcoming games:
>>Feb 12th vs. Edmonton Oilers in Edmonton
>>Feb 14th vs. Vancouver Canucks in Vancouver
>>Feb 17th Wild vs. Nashville Predators at Xcel energy Center

Remember, you can read about all the Wild games and my Wild hockey insight on my SB Nation Wild hockey blog, - Log-on today and leave me a comment! Go Wild!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wild Play Well against Red Wings

The Minnesota Wild lost to the Detroit Red Wings at the Xcel Energy Center last night. It was a tight match-up and the Wild lost in overtime 3-2. The fluky goal that sent the game into overtime must have hit a players skate and then one of Backstroms pads. I still don’t know how it went in. The Wild skated extra hard against the NHL leading Red Wings and despite the loss, coach Jacques Lemaire had this to say:

"I thought we played our best game of the year," said Lemaire, "I'm really happy the way our players played. We played hard. We got a point."

Up next for the Wild is another home game against the Dallas Stars tomorrow night. The game is sold out through the Wild and it looks like it is a hot game for ticket brokers as well. Ticket King has Wild tickets starting out at $70 each for the Wild vs Stars game. I guess Minnesota fans are still excited to see Mike Modano and the old North Stars take the ice.

Let’s go Wild!