Monday, February 25, 2008

Wild need to Move to Improve

It is officially time to panic. Yesterdays Calgary game was terrible and the Minnesota Wild is a hockey team reeling and it is crunch time. I just hope that Doug Risebrough and the rest of the Wild front office brass have the same opinion.

I am afraid that the Minnesota Wild is too much like the Minnesota Twins in that they are unwilling to think outside of the box and actually take some chances. For the last five or six years, the Minnesota Twins have been unwilling to make a trade where they received a veteran player that could help them win now in exchange for a young player that would help them win later. We are now hearing the same type of things from the Minnesota Wild.

The Wild have publicly stated that they aren’t willing to “mortgage their future” for a “rent a player” at the trading deadline. Well, time is running out. They have sold out every game since their inception but my impression is that if they don’t make a run in the playoffs this year, the loyal Minnesota Wild fans are going to get restless. How long will they continue to sell out the arena when the team is so cautious and always playing for next year? In my mind, it is time for the Minnesota Wild front office to take a chance and make a move before the trading deadline. If they don’t, they most assuredly will be like the Minnesota Twins and always be a bridesmaid but never a bride!

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