Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Minnesota Wild Pre-Season Schedule: Hot Match-Ups

Somewhere on this blog I mentioned my dis-interest in pre-season Minnesota Wild games...although the games do NOT get us any closer to the Stanley Cup, I decided this pre-season is rather attractive thanks to the hot match-ups…Jets, Penguins, Blues - I love to hate those teams and look forward to buying a cheap ticket to see them at Xcel. A regular season ticket for those match-ups is twice as expensive.

Just look at the prices on Ticket King for

Minnesota Wild vs. Pittsburgh Penguins on September 29th vs.

Minnesota Wild vs. Pittsburgh Penguins on November 4th   - twice as expensive!

I am for sure buying a pair of the cheap Minnesota Wild tickets and going to lace up one of my Wild jerseys and cheer on the team …. For a moral victory of course and maybe to see a fight.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hottest Selling Minnesota Wild Jersey this Season: Parise, Vanek, someone else?

Does anyone want to predict which jersey will be the hottest seller this 2014-15 Minnesota Wild Season. With the new signing of Thomas Vanek, I could see that happening since most of us Minnesota Wild fans already own our Zach Parise and Ryan Suter and Mikko Koivu jerseys. I am not ashamed to admit I have all 3 of those jerseys plus a few others in the closet from players past like Clutterbuck and Cullen for example.

I just may add a Thomas Vanek to the collection. But I actually think it would be cooler if we started some sort of grass roots movement to make Jason Pominville the hottest selling jersey – he DID score the most goals last season, had very few penalty minutes, was never hurt. I don’t understand why I don’t see hundreds of Pominville jerseys at the game. Or even start a movement for a youngster like Nino Niederreiter – imagine if he had a break out year and scored like 30 goals! Do you think we would see more Nino jerseys?

I have a theory that if fans can’t easily spell your name, they aren’t going to buy your jersey  - anyone think I am right?  Crosby and Kane are pretty easy to spell and they always top the list nationally.  Hmmmm.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Minnesota Wild Coach: Mike Yeo

Being the head coach of any professional sports team is a lot of stress. Fans are calling for your job if there is even 1 hiccup. Sure Mike Yeo led the Minnesota Wild to the Stanley Cup Playoffs the last two seasons after a five-year absence, but there was a time during last season that his job was on a game to game basis and I have a feeling if the Wild don’t perform well this season, we will have a new Head Coach next season. There is a lot of talent on the Wild roster and coach Yeo needs to help that talent thrive in the NHL. Coach Mike Yeo knows what it feels like to win, lets hope this is the season that he brings the Stanley Cup to Minnesota!
Michael "Mike" Yeo
Born July 31, 1973
Scarborough, Ontario

His Wikipedia page is rather wimpy, I think he should have someone beef it up, but that is just the opinion of one Wild Freak!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Minnesota Wild State of Hockey Anthem Lyrics

One of my favorite things at the Minnesota Wild games is singing along to the State of Hockey song – if you don’t know the song by heart, start memorizing now so you can sing a long with me and the crowd. I love to shout out “our mother was the referee” – if you knew my siblings, you would understand!

State of Hockey Lyrics

We were raised
With the stick
And a pair of blades
On the ice we cut our teeth
We took our knocks
In the penalty box
Our mother was the referee

This sport was here
Before we came
It will be here when we're gone
The game's in our blood
And our blood's in the game
Lay us down under
A frozen pond

We will fight to the end
We will stand and defend
Our flag flying high and free
We were born the child
Of the strong and Wild
In the State, the State of Hockey

A big blue line runs around our state
A line that can't be crossed
The day they try to take this game
Is the day the gloves come off

We will fight to the end
We will stand and defend
Our flag flying high and free
We were born the child
Of the strong and Wild
In the State, the State of Hockey