Thursday, October 22, 2009

Future of the Minnesota Wild

I watched last night's Minnesota Wild game and came to the conclusion that by the NHL All Star Break, the Minnesota Wild is going to be a solid team that contends for a NHL Playoff spot. Last night, during the game versus the division leading Colorado Avalanche, the Minnesota Wild showed flashes of GREAT hockey! The new system is both much more fun to watch as well as much more effective in the new NHL. Don't panic yet Wild Fans, the Minnesota Wild has too much talent to not adapt to the system of Todd Richards and become a very competitive team. GO WILD!!!

MN Wild Skate in their New Wild Jersey for the first time this week

Koivu's new jerseyI leaked the 3rd MN Wild Jersey earlier this summer and noted how the old school feel really gave a "land of hockey" feel to the Wild.

Fast-forward to now, the newest slogan, "It's in our blood" echos the same sentiment, the Minnesota Wild are trying to brand themselves as "our" team, and in my opinion they are doing a really good job. At last night's game the MN Wild skated in their new green jerseys, with Mikko Koivu showing off his new Captain's C on his sleeve.

The Wild will be wearing the new look again this Saturday in case you missed in on Wednesday. Fans responded well to the newest Wild Look and it will be just a matter of time before you see the Xcel Energy Center filled with this new Wild Jersey.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

MN Wild hit the road for a tough series of games

The MN Wild are hitting the road for some tough match-ups that will put the new "up-tempo" hockey style the Wild are playing to the test.

This Friday the MN Wild cross the boarder to play the Edmonton Oilers, then they take on Vancouver Canucks on Saturday. Both of these teams have been playing well and the MN Wild are going to have to skate hard if they want to come home with wins.

The Wild roster and coaches will be back in the Twin Cities next week for a huge game against rivals the Colorado Avalanche. MN Wild Fans are eager to play against the Avalanche and are hoping to start the season off with a big win against conference rivals.

MN Wild Tickets are available online for all of these games but as the home game gets closer they are sure to go fast!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Minnesota Wild beat the Ducks in the Wild Home Opener

It took a little extra time but the the Minnesota Wild beat the Anaheim Ducks in front of a home town crowd on Tuesday night at the Xcel.

After the scoreless first period, most of the fans in the X were thinking, "Why did I skip the Twins Game?". Then things got scary in a second period rally the Ducks put in 3 unanswered goals. Wilds fans gasped as they hoped and prayed that Todd Richards new style of hockey was going to kick in and work.

And then the third period came... and after a penalty left the Wild down players, John Scott scored starting the comeback that would end the third period with a tied game and force the Ducks into OT. Andrew Burnette put the winning goal in with just under two minutes left in overtime, giving Todd Richards his first Wild Win. Although the game was close, Niklas Backstrom made 16 impressive saves and much of the credit for the evening should go to him.

The Wild play next on Thursday, taking on the Kings on the road.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What will the 2009-2010 Minnesota Wild Season look like?

MN Wild Player number 9 skating at the X With the MN Wild Home Opener against the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday October 6th at 7:30 at the Xcel Energy Center many critics are getting their last bets in as to how the game will go and what the season is going to look like.

I am trying this Wild season to be realistic, we have young players and a new coach... I think it is going to take some time to mesh as a team and really skate well together, throw in a new game plan, Todd Richard's Up Tempo Hockey, I think analysts are right we may be looking at more losses than wins until the Olympic Break. But I do think the MN Wild can do it....

There is a poll on the left column that you should all look at and vote on, How many wins do you think we will get? As I get answers I'll post... feel free to comment about what you think the Wild need to do to ensure a MN Wild winning season!

See you on Tuesday Wild Fans!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Minnesota Wild Home Opener should be a great game

The Minnesota Wild have a new coach, new players, a new jersey and new marketing... "It's in our blood" is the newest addition to the ever-changing MN Wild. I think this tag line, is a great summary of how Minnesotans feel about Hockey and how we should approach this season of MN Wild Hockey. While it is easy to point fingers and blame the coach, the players, the fans for losses, I think instead we should remember that it is a Hockey TEAM for a reason and no one entity can be blamed. With the MN Wild Home Opener less than a week away (Tuesday night at the Xcel Energy Center to be precise) I for one am getting excited for a great Wild Season.

Critics are saying that it could take as long as until the Olympic Break for the MN Wild roster and coaches to really have everything worked out and all of their ducks in a row... I say lets give them all of the time they need. Because lets face it, while its great to win, half of the fun of hockey is the experience. And we all know that the experience is much better from inside the X... I did some looking and there are still great MN Wild Home Opener Tickets left, so BUY NOW and be there as the MN Wild prove to us once again why it is in OUR blood and not just theirs!