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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teams Interested in Former Wild Coach Todd Richards

Former Wild Coach has got interviews with Colombus, Winnipeg for assistant coaching positions. Detroit’s also interested in Richards, while Dallas could be a possibility if Peter Horachek, who used to coach Richards in Orlando, gets the Stars’ coaching job. This is all according to the Startribune.We should expect to see him on someones bench next season. Later in the article, he mentions that he really likes watching the games, but would really like to get back into coaching.

Good luck Todd, even though you were a terrible coach for the Wild and you don't know how to coach a hockey team.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Todd Richards Fired as Head Coach of the Minnesota Wild

Todd RichardsTodd Richards has been officially relieved of his coaching duties of the Minnesota Wild. He coached the team for 2 seasons, and missed the playoffs both seasons. General Manager Chuck Fletcher must believe the team needs to head in a new direction. I always liked Richards - a Minnesota native who played for the Gophers. However, you can't fire the players and sometimes a change is what's best. I'm eager to see who we can bring in as head coach. Good luck to Mr. Richards in his future endeavors.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Minnesota Wild Name Darby Hendrickson Assistant Coach

Darby HendricksonThe Minnesota Wild have named former player Darby Hendrickson an assistant coach to the organization. He has been a Fox Sports North analyst the last few seasons but will return to the bench this season. Hendrickson is a Richfield, Minnesota native who played for the Minnesota Gophers and Minnesota Wild. Head Coach Todd Richards said he thinks Hendrickson will fit just right in because "he's a young guy, energetic, a guy recently retired from the game." Welcome aboard, Darby.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

James Sheppard out 3-4 Months

James Sheppard Minnesota WildAccording to the Star Tribune, Minnesota Wild center James Sheppard will be out 3-4 months with a knee injury sustained from an ATV accident in Vail, Colorado. He has already undergone surgery and head coach Todd Richards claimed it happened on James Sheppard's kneecap. After signing a one year contract with the team in the offseason, the road to building a solid reputation in the NHL will have to be even longer. Sheppard was drafted 9th overall in 2006 and has registered 49 points in 224 games.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Did the Minnesota Wild ever have a chance at the NHL Playoffs?

Todd Richards head coach of the Minnesota Wild and his players on the iceI know that looking backwards is not helpful, and that when you do take a moment to reflect your hindsight is always 20/20... however, with the NHL Playoffs taking place sans The MN Wild, it has been hard to keep looking to the future.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why the Minnesota Wild even with a new coach and game plan were not more competitive this season. Some Wild Analysts have even gone as far to say that Richards should get the boot, after promising things he didn't deliver. I am of the opinion, however, that Minnesota Wild fans may have set their expectations too high this season.

In any sport, if the term "re-building" is thrown around, fans should immediately expect a 2 to 3 season change. A franchise is a big thing to change overnight. When Todd Richards stepped up to coach the Minnesota Wild, I don't think he had any intention of having an overwhelmingly successful season. In fact, my guess is that he is pretty happy with how the season went... the Wild won some, they lost some but most importantly they got the feel of the new style of skating and playing that Coach Richards wants to implement.

So to the Minnesota Wild fans how are disappointed the Wild is not playing in the playoffs, I would like you to take a moment and re-evaluate what you expected out of the season... and perhaps think about what it would have taken to get there.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Todd Richards and his future with the Wild

As the second head coach in the 10 years of the Wild franchise, Todd Richards is a little disappointed with the outcome of his first year. However, Richards sees a bright future with the Wild. Rebuilding a team is a tough job and if the General Manager Chuck Fletcher can scrounge up another top scorer the Wild may have a shot at greatness next season. Don't mention next year to Todd Richards yet though. He needs to get through tomorrow and Saturday's game first. Go Wild!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

MN Wild beat Predators 5-3 and skate a great game

The Minnesota Wild have been skating really well, something that was very apparent on Saturday night, when the MN Wild took on the Nashville Predators in Nashville. Last night's win was the second time the MN Wild roster has handed to the Predators this week.

On Wednesday, the Wild played the Predators at the Xcel Energy Center, beating them 5-4 in overtime. Last night the Wild skated even more confidently and beat the Predators 5-3, though critics said the Wild dominated the game more than the score appears.

Wild Coach Todd Richards seemed pleased with his team and will spend this week on the road with his team on the 5 game road series. MN Wild Tickets are available to all of these games, perhaps an early gift from Santa?

Friday, November 20, 2009

MN Wild vs. New York Islanders tonight at the Xcel Energy Center

The Minnesota Wild have returned home after a long and grueling road trip. Tonight the MN Wild take on the New York Islanders at 7:00 in the Xcel Energy Center. There are still MN Wild Tickets available for this game, so why not spend Friday at the X cheering on our team!

With Martin Havlat out due to an injury, and Nathan Smith called up from the Houston Aeros to replace him, the Wild Roster is going to need all the fan support it can get. MN Wild Head Coach Todd Richards has made it clear, he does not want to see the Wild stay at the bottom of the standing any longer which is why in his words it is time to get tough with the players.

My prediction... anyone on the Wild roster who plays more than about 5 minutes of crappy ice time will be off the ice for the night. Todd Richards needs to prove his new style of Wild Hockey can win, if not he is toast.

Check out local sites like Ticket King, for Wild Tickets to tonight's game or buy Wild Tickets on the street as you make your way to X!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Future of the Minnesota Wild

I watched last night's Minnesota Wild game and came to the conclusion that by the NHL All Star Break, the Minnesota Wild is going to be a solid team that contends for a NHL Playoff spot. Last night, during the game versus the division leading Colorado Avalanche, the Minnesota Wild showed flashes of GREAT hockey! The new system is both much more fun to watch as well as much more effective in the new NHL. Don't panic yet Wild Fans, the Minnesota Wild has too much talent to not adapt to the system of Todd Richards and become a very competitive team. GO WILD!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Minnesota Wild beat the Ducks in the Wild Home Opener

It took a little extra time but the the Minnesota Wild beat the Anaheim Ducks in front of a home town crowd on Tuesday night at the Xcel.

After the scoreless first period, most of the fans in the X were thinking, "Why did I skip the Twins Game?". Then things got scary in a second period rally the Ducks put in 3 unanswered goals. Wilds fans gasped as they hoped and prayed that Todd Richards new style of hockey was going to kick in and work.

And then the third period came... and after a penalty left the Wild down players, John Scott scored starting the comeback that would end the third period with a tied game and force the Ducks into OT. Andrew Burnette put the winning goal in with just under two minutes left in overtime, giving Todd Richards his first Wild Win. Although the game was close, Niklas Backstrom made 16 impressive saves and much of the credit for the evening should go to him.

The Wild play next on Thursday, taking on the Kings on the road.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What will the 2009-2010 Minnesota Wild Season look like?

MN Wild Player number 9 skating at the X With the MN Wild Home Opener against the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday October 6th at 7:30 at the Xcel Energy Center many critics are getting their last bets in as to how the game will go and what the season is going to look like.

I am trying this Wild season to be realistic, we have young players and a new coach... I think it is going to take some time to mesh as a team and really skate well together, throw in a new game plan, Todd Richard's Up Tempo Hockey, I think analysts are right we may be looking at more losses than wins until the Olympic Break. But I do think the MN Wild can do it....

There is a poll on the left column that you should all look at and vote on, How many wins do you think we will get? As I get answers I'll post... feel free to comment about what you think the Wild need to do to ensure a MN Wild winning season!

See you on Tuesday Wild Fans!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MN Wild Pre-Season Wrap Up

The Wild ended their 2009-2010 preseason on Tuesday with a 5-4 victory over the Flyers. The Wild preseason overall was not the best, with my boys finishing 3-4. Many critics are wondering if the new "up tempo" style that Todd Richards is trying to implement will really work for the Wild Roster.

The Up Tempo game according to MN Wild writer Derek Felska left the MN Wild roster, "outshot and outgunned more often than not. A perfect example of how this up-tempo style is not exactly producing a decidedly more offensively aggressive team is the fact Minnesota was outshot 19 to 32 in their game against Chicago on Friday night, and 18 to 21 against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday of that same week."

Many critics are concerned that after watching the MN Wild struggle through several disappointing losses that could have been avoided and two one goal games, Todd Richards may have tried to change too much, too fast. I for one think that the preseason was a good chance for TR and the rest of the Wild to get the kinks worked out and now it is time to start judging... my feelings, lets give the new Wild style a chance to work.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minnesota Wild Training Camp is just days away

The Minnesota Wild will be attending their preseason training camp in 10 short days with the first preseason game on Wednesday September 15th. The Wild's training camp will have a very different look this year with a new general manager, a new head coach and a total shake up on the Wild roster.

Critics are saying that all of the change is good for the wild and likely will help them end the season in higher standing than they did last season. However, I have to wonder if changing everything at once may make it hard to put back together so quickly. Training camp will be an excellent chance to see if the "New Wild" as Todd Richards is calling it is really as good as it has been cracked up to be. With September 15th only two weeks away, I'm one MN Wild fan who can not wait to see if this is the season we end up on the top!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Its that time of year again...

The Wild have had a very interesting early summer and with this week's NHL draft it is only going to get more interesting. New Head Coach Todd Richards is saying he wants to change the way the Wild play hockey, going for a more "up-tempo" form of the game. With that in mind, it will be important for the Wild to draft players that fit the new style.

The Wild have the number 12 draft and then don't pick again until very late in the second round. However, rumors are flying that there are several "conversations" going on with other teams about pre-draft trades and deals.

Rumors are also flying about Marian Gaborik, who will have free agent status as of July 1. In an anonymous report from earlier this week, Gaborik apparently bought a house in Vancouver and allegations of the Canucks tampering with Gaborik are starting to spread. While all parties involved deny any knowledge of the tampering, house-shopping or Gaborik's plans it is safe to say that the next few weeks will be very telling.

Maybe it is time to say goodbye to Gaborik and hello to a new feel for the Minnesota Wild and a real shot at the postseason?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Todd Richards is new Minnesota Wild coach

Well, my 17% prediction was all it took for former Gopher Todd Richards to get the nod as the new Minnesota Wild head coach. The 42 year old former San Jose Sharks assistant coach was officially named the Minnesota Wild head coach on Monday at an Xcel Energy Center press conference.

Todd Richards is known for an aggressive offense focused style of play that will couple nicely with the ideals of GM Chuck Fletcher. Todd Richards grew up in Crystal, Minnesota and played hockey for the University of Minnesota Gophers. His parents still live in the area and have got to be thrilled to have Todd Richards back in Minnesota.

It's a new day for Wild hockey! Minnesota ties make it even sweeter. Believe it or not, I am excited to get the summer over with and start hockey again.