Thursday, October 22, 2009

Future of the Minnesota Wild

I watched last night's Minnesota Wild game and came to the conclusion that by the NHL All Star Break, the Minnesota Wild is going to be a solid team that contends for a NHL Playoff spot. Last night, during the game versus the division leading Colorado Avalanche, the Minnesota Wild showed flashes of GREAT hockey! The new system is both much more fun to watch as well as much more effective in the new NHL. Don't panic yet Wild Fans, the Minnesota Wild has too much talent to not adapt to the system of Todd Richards and become a very competitive team. GO WILD!!!


Heineken-77 said...

I was thinking the same. The Wild have looked lost all year so far, and have had major players sitting out due to injury. This has a big effect on the lines as players try to get a feel for one another. But against Colorado, the wild took control for most of the game, I feel. Sure there was some breakdowns, but the new system of taking control of the game was starting to work. It is nice to finely see the Wild work the puck in the offensive zone, rather than letting the other team EASILY break out. But yes, this team can be very good at the A.S. break. Adding Sykora was really big for the wild, for offensive needs, and even Kobasew has taged 20 goals in the last couple of years. Fletcher has done a superb job for what he was handed with. The real fun will be bext offseason when he will have alot of $ comming off the books and will be able to really wheel and deal. Could we land Kolvochuck in free agency if he makes it??

B said...

It will be interesting to see where the Wild go from here... with a great win against the Avalanche, hopefully they can ride the confidence boost through the next couple of games!