Friday, October 2, 2009

Minnesota Wild Home Opener should be a great game

The Minnesota Wild have a new coach, new players, a new jersey and new marketing... "It's in our blood" is the newest addition to the ever-changing MN Wild. I think this tag line, is a great summary of how Minnesotans feel about Hockey and how we should approach this season of MN Wild Hockey. While it is easy to point fingers and blame the coach, the players, the fans for losses, I think instead we should remember that it is a Hockey TEAM for a reason and no one entity can be blamed. With the MN Wild Home Opener less than a week away (Tuesday night at the Xcel Energy Center to be precise) I for one am getting excited for a great Wild Season.

Critics are saying that it could take as long as until the Olympic Break for the MN Wild roster and coaches to really have everything worked out and all of their ducks in a row... I say lets give them all of the time they need. Because lets face it, while its great to win, half of the fun of hockey is the experience. And we all know that the experience is much better from inside the X... I did some looking and there are still great MN Wild Home Opener Tickets left, so BUY NOW and be there as the MN Wild prove to us once again why it is in OUR blood and not just theirs!

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