Thursday, December 10, 2009

MN Wild drop to last in NHL Northwest Division Standings

MN Wild bench supporting their team
I hate to write about the Minnesota Wild losing, it feels like throwing bad karma out into the Hockey Universe... However, if I didn't write about losing this season I would not have much to write about. With a 13-14-3 record, the Wild have not had the dramatic turnaround that some expected with the roster and coaching shake up.

In fact, the Minnesota Wild have dropped to last in the Northwestern Division. But the Edmonton Oilers are just a game ahead of us, definitely within our reach. In much better news however, the MN Wild are not the last in the Western Conference, the Wild Roster skated ahead of the Anaheim Ducks this past week.

This weekend the Wild takes on the Flames and the Cannucks. If they can pull out two big wins, they would no longer be last in the Northwestern Division... I guess I know what I'm asking Santa for.

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B said...

On the bright side, being at the bottom of the barrel reduces demand and makes Minnesota Wild Tickets much more afordable. Go Wild!