Saturday, December 12, 2009

Minnesota Wild Jerseys make great Holiday Gifts

Are you a Minnesota Wild Fan? Do you have Holiday Gifts to buy? Are you making a Holiday Gift wish-list... look no further, I have the perfect gift idea suggestion:
Minnesota Wild Jerseys
Anyone who even remotely resembles a MN Wild fan would love to get a Wild Jersey, trust me.. most of the people on my list are getting one. The plus side to the Jersey Gift Idea, there are LOTS of places to get Minnesota Wild Apparel. First of all, The Hockey Lodge at the Xcel Energy Center. The X is the home of the Wild so it just makes sense that it would be the home of the best Minnesota Wild Gear. Second, the Hockey Lodge at the Mall of America, closely tied to the store at the X if you are brave enough to head to Mall of America during Christmastime, there are great deals to be had. Finally, for those of you who hate the cold, snow and other holiday shoppers I would like to suggest ONLINE shopping... awesome deals, easy shipping and NO LINES! If Minnesota Wild Apparel doesn't do it for you my other gift suggestion...


Wild for the Wild said...

I am hoping for one of the new green third Minnesota Wild jerseys as a gift this year! They are kind of expensive, but so cool!

fanamaniac said...

i want a mikko koivu jersey :) i love him.