Thursday, October 22, 2009

MN Wild Skate in their New Wild Jersey for the first time this week

Koivu's new jerseyI leaked the 3rd MN Wild Jersey earlier this summer and noted how the old school feel really gave a "land of hockey" feel to the Wild.

Fast-forward to now, the newest slogan, "It's in our blood" echos the same sentiment, the Minnesota Wild are trying to brand themselves as "our" team, and in my opinion they are doing a really good job. At last night's game the MN Wild skated in their new green jerseys, with Mikko Koivu showing off his new Captain's C on his sleeve.

The Wild will be wearing the new look again this Saturday in case you missed in on Wednesday. Fans responded well to the newest Wild Look and it will be just a matter of time before you see the Xcel Energy Center filled with this new Wild Jersey.


Wild about the Wild said...

I love the Wild Third Jerseys! They are kind of expensive so I haven't bought one yet, but I have a t-shirt with the new script that I plan to wear to the Minnesota Wild game on Friday. You can buy Minnesota Wild Tickets for $25 these days.

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