Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MN Wild Pre-Season Wrap Up

The Wild ended their 2009-2010 preseason on Tuesday with a 5-4 victory over the Flyers. The Wild preseason overall was not the best, with my boys finishing 3-4. Many critics are wondering if the new "up tempo" style that Todd Richards is trying to implement will really work for the Wild Roster.

The Up Tempo game according to MN Wild writer Derek Felska left the MN Wild roster, "outshot and outgunned more often than not. A perfect example of how this up-tempo style is not exactly producing a decidedly more offensively aggressive team is the fact Minnesota was outshot 19 to 32 in their game against Chicago on Friday night, and 18 to 21 against the St. Louis Blues on Thursday of that same week."

Many critics are concerned that after watching the MN Wild struggle through several disappointing losses that could have been avoided and two one goal games, Todd Richards may have tried to change too much, too fast. I for one think that the preseason was a good chance for TR and the rest of the Wild to get the kinks worked out and now it is time to start judging... my feelings, lets give the new Wild style a chance to work.

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