Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Wild Record We Aren’t Proud Of

After losing to the Mighty Ducks on Sunday in Anaheim, the Minnesota Wild set a franchise record for most consecutive regular season losses: 5.

Let’s hope the Wild can stop the skid down the slippery slope tonight at home against the Calgary Flames. Marian Gaborik should be back on the ice, but I wouldn’t count on him to be the silver bullet –we will need a total team effort to score goals and keep up the defense.

Gaborik has missed the past 27 games thanks to his groin problems. He missed 5 games last year and 34 the year before that. Fan support for this “star” is definitely waning and if he doesn’t come out and play big tonight, it might as well be over for him. I am guessing you might hear some boo’s in the Xcel Energy Center UNLESS Gabby can score a goal (or two) then all will be forgotten in the state of hockey – because we just to win, perhaps at all costs.


Cortney said...

one goal by gabby last night, and wild fans seem to have forgiven him. i still want him out.

Anonymous said...
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