Saturday, December 6, 2008

Loyal Reader of MN Wild Freak

A loyal reader and now contributor to MN Wild Freak emailed me last night with some insightful thoughts. He wrote:

Did you see the Wild-Canucks game tonight?

How does Boogaard get a 10 minute misconduct for being attacked by three players?

How does Mitchell get away with an obvious trip on Boogaard?

If the league is singling out Boogaard as an example of the kind of thuggery they won't tolerate, why did they let cheap-shot artist Brad May play in the Stanley Cup finals...and if that pricks name in inscribed on the cup, it's a travesty.

Lemaire should file a formal protest with the league. This is the kind of crap that makes the NHL look like a rinky dink league.

If I'd have been there, they probably would have had to kick me out of the arena for throwing garbage onto the ice, because that's exactly what the officiating was - garbage.

I've already lost interest in the NFL....the NHL isn't too far behind...


Thanks for the email Marv. I couldn't agree with you more on all of your points. All I know is that I hate the Canucks and that I am going to make sure that I grab a couple of Wild Tickets for the game on 3/31 to see Derek Boogaard lay down the law with Willie Mitchell.

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