Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Gaborik - Where are you?

Is anyone else sick and tired of Gaborik being hurt? I am to the point where I can’t remember him as a player...he has been hurt for so long (I will post his mugshot just in case anyone else has forgotten, too!)

Has it reached a point where we as fans need to accept the fact that Gaborik is “soft?” I am starting to think that we do. I have never seen a guy turn a relatively minor injury into a cause for season ending concern. I concede that I am not a world class hockey player (but I did play in high school and college) but I surely wouldn’t allow a minor groin injury to prevent me from playing and earning the millions of dollars on my contract. All I have to say is time for Mr. Gaborik to put on his “big girl panties,” lace up his skates, and do what he is paid big buck$ to do; PLAY HOCKEY...Gaborik, we look forward to your return.

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