Friday, August 15, 2014

Minnesota Wild Goalie Dilemma

The Wild have 3 goalies on the roster and I swear you need a crystal ball to know who is going to start which game. I am not sure that is a strategy of head coach Mike Yeo or just simply a matter of circumstance. My personal hope is that Darcy Kuemper emerges as a strong healthy reliable goal tender that we can count on for the season…or in my freakish dream world, Jonathan Quick decides HE too wants to raise his family in Minnesota and requests a transfer (LOL!)

Which Minnesota Wild Goalie would you choose?

Minnesota Wild Jersey #32 - Niklas Backstrom, 6' 2", 197 pounds,      Born February 13, 1978 – a serious, and insightful Aquarius.

Minnesota Wild Jersey #35 - Darcy Kuemper, 6' 5", 205 pounds, Born May 5, 1990- a secure and strong Taurus.

Minnesota Wild Jersey #37 - Josh Harding, 6' 2", 194 pounds, Born June 18, 1984      -

an inquisitive and intelligent Gemini.

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