Monday, August 4, 2014

2014-15 Minnesota Wild Schedule Interesting Facts

Of course interesting is a relative term...especially when talking about the Minnesota Wild Schedule, but.... my top 5 2014-15 Minnesota Wild Schedule Interesting Facts are:

13 sets of back to back games (is that unlucky? 13?) – That seems like a lot and I hope my Wild team gets plenty of rest and can stay basically injury free

4 games is the longest road trip at the end of January, I wish the long road trip would come earlier in the season, but it is what it is

5 games is the longest homestand at the end of March into April – I love that we are at home close to crunch time when we are making the push for the playoffs

19 Weekend Home Games – I am sure the ticket brokers of Minnesota are rejoicing over that – we all know weekend games are hot tickets

January 8th should be a game all Minnesota Wild and Minnesota based Blackhawks fans should circle because it is the first home ice rematch against the Blackhawks.

Minnesota Wild Schedule

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