Monday, May 13, 2013

MN Wild Season is Over

I have sunk into a state of depression that the Wild hockey season is offically over. It seemed like it came and went too fastly (thanks to the NHL Lockout). However, compared to last year and even the year before that, we will take anything we can get! I had a great time watching the Wild play more games in the section playoffs, and even making a bracket. Except, my bracket is for sure the worst anyone could even make up because I put the Wild winning it all (wouldn't guess anything else) sooo that was a fail. I would like to commend all the Wild fans for sticking it through and through and being true fans. The energy in the Xcel center was uncomparable and we enjoyed every second of the playoffs. Keep watching hockey and see who wins it all! And of course, always check my blog for hockey updates :)

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