Friday, May 25, 2012

Everyone's excited for Mikael Granlund

After Mikael Granlund's signing on Wednesday, everyone breathed a sigh of relief before getting really, really excited. In his native Finland, Granlund is a celebrity, even appearing on a postage stamp, and it's expected that he'll continue to impress with the Minnesota Wild (No word yet on if we can expect a postage stamp). Even more impressive, we can expect Samuel Savolainen, a writer for one of Finland's most popular sports magazine, to continue writing on Granlund - after all, he's moving to Minnesota for Granlund. Expectations are high and the hopes even higher, and we'll see how Granlund compares.

The Minnesota Wild can certainly expect great things from Granlund, but we're wondering, what are you expecting from Granlund?

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