Monday, February 13, 2012

Minnesota Wild Columbus Blue Jackets Game Review

R.J. Umberger scored a pair of goals, leading the Columbus Blue Jackets to a 3-1 win over the Minnesota Wild at the Xcel Energy Center. Ook... Wild, what is the game plan here? As you may recall, the Wild were at one point the leaders of the Western Conference. Take a look at the current standings:

1. Detroit
2. Vancouver
3. San Jose
4. St. Louis
5. Nashville
6. Chicago
7. Los Angeles
8. Phoenix
9. Calgary
10. Colorado
11. Dallas
12. Minnesota

This is completely not what Wild fans were hoping for.

Anyway, back to the game story. Devin Setoguchi scored for the Wild, while Niklas Backstrom earned 16 saves en route to the Wild's fourth straight loss.

Backstrom spoke out on the loss, "It sucks every time you lose. Winning is obviously more fun, but at least tonight we gave ourselves a chance to win." I hate to argue semantics, but losing 3-1 doesn't seem as though there was much of a chance. Maybe you had to be there?

Was anyone at the Wild Blue Jackets game that wants to fill me in? Leave a comment!

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