Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome to the Wild, Danny Heately!

Danny Heately was traded for Marty Havlat. This is a huge trade that sends Havlat to San Jose where he goes to a for sure title contender. According to the StarTribune, Danny Heately is ecstatic about this deal. He is really good friends with Setoguchi, and the two have dreamed on playing on the same line together. What does this mean for the Wild though?

We know what Heately brings to a team: scoring. Ever since 2001, all Danny Heately has done is score. In fact, he has 325 goals since 2001, good for third best since that time. The Wild now have two guys who could score a lot of goals in Setoguchi and Danny Heately.

I like this trade, but I would have liked it a lot better a few years ago. Heately scores a lot of goals, but he is starting to get really old. He's also very prone to injuries as he has had a lot of injuries the past six seasons. Hopefully the Wild get a motivated and healthy Danny Heately that scores a ton of goals for them this season.


Ryan said...

Really old?! 30 is really old? I would say he is in his prime!

MN Wild Freak said...

Thanks, Ryan