Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ex Gopher Sam Lofquist Hoping to get Signed by Wild

Lofquist played in Ontario last season for a minor league team. He played really well there and the Wild asked him to come down and try out for the team after his season. He can't go back to the Ontario Hockey League because he is 21 and you can't be older than that. Here's a scouting report on him from the Minneapolis Startribune that I found:

"This former University of Minnesota defenseman hasn't been in the OHL long, but has definitely been an impact player. He's been the Storm's most important and consistent defenseman the past 2 seasons and deserves a look at the next level. He has size at 6'2, 200 lbs, he's mobile, he can play in all situations and he can take the body if need be. Really a jack of all trades type of guy."

Well, he sounds pretty good to me so get him a jersey Wild and get this guy out on the ice.

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Anonymous said...

Agree! The Wild needs more guys like Sam Lofquist!