Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yo Yo Yo Mike Yeo is the New Wild Coach

What's up everyone?? The Minnesota Wild named Mike Yeo the new head coach of the Minnesota Wild. This should be really exciting. Yeo has absolutely zero head coaching experience and barely played in the NHL. Here are my thoughts on this.

Okay Wild. So you put me through a horrible, boring long season in which you collapse like LeBron James in the 4th quarter. You have no superstars and are a losing team, therefore there are little reasons for me to go out of my way to pay you to let me watch your lousy team. You decide to fire your coach, that's great. You decide to replace your coach that had little experience and failed because of it with a coach with even less experience!

I'm not rooting against Yeo, but lets be real here. The Wild needed something to energize their fan base and this didn't do it at all. The Timberwolves are catching all the headlines with their crazy antics and the Wild can't even hire a coach whose first and last name aren't even a combined 8 letters. At least hire some crazy European with a cool name to get me interested. This team better be real damn good or else...

That's all for today!

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