Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stanley Cup 2010: Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks!

The Chicago Blackhawks celebrating the Stanley Cup VictoryI know that the celebration for the Stanley Cup is long over, but I haven’t had a chance to post lately, so in the name of good sportsmanship (and the fact that my team didn’t even get close) I wanted to congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks on the 2010 Stanley Cup Title. Not only had the Chicago Blackhawks not appeared in the Stanley Cup playoffs in quite some time making the 2010 Stanley Cup that much better for Chicago Blackhawks fans, they also won in game 6 on the road, a rare and challenging feat in Stanley Cup history. So, although it wasn’t the MN Wild… Congratulations Chicago Blackhawks.

Here is to hoping this time next year my blog will read 2011 Stanley Cup Title goes to the Minnesota Wild!

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