Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who will win the 2010 Stanley Cup? Vote here for the NHL Playoff Winners!

Without the Minnesota Wild to capture my attention and free time, I have devoted the last few weeks to following some other hockey teams, don't worry I'm not abandoning my Minnesota Wild Hockey Roots, I'm just looking to fill the time until the 2010-2011 Minnesota Wild Season. My latest obession has been predicting who will win the NHL Playoffs and take home the Stanley Cup. Without a season of obessive game notes and player profiles, however, I'm not sure I'm really qualified to make accuarte predictions.

So if you think you are, or you just like to make Stnaley Cup Predictions, check out the poll on my right sidebar -------> and take a vote as to who will walk away with all of the hockey marbles this season!?

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