Friday, March 26, 2010

With Koivu out, Almond is in vs. Detroit

Mikko Koivu will be missing out on tonight’s game against the Detroit Red Wings with an arm injury. This is a result from Tuesday’s game against San Jose, which caused him to miss Thursday’s game against the Flyers as well. Thursday was the first game ever for Captain Koivu to miss, and he is not happy to miss a second. Mikko Koivu is currently the lead scorer on the Wild and, with Latendresse questionable in the health department, the Wild have recalled Cody Almond from the Houston Aeros for some help.


buddhafisch said...

Almond was called up as an emergency fill in, for Lats. He was sent down thins morning.

Anonymous said...

thats too bad. did he get any play time?