Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One small goal for the Wild. One giant leap for Wellman

Casey Wellman, the new Minnesota Wild recruit, has made a great first impression as a rookie on the team. Wellman has only been with the Wild for a week after two seasons with the University of Massachusetts hockey team and has already made strides in his career. Wellman only had to sit out two games before given the chance to prove himself and played his first game this past Friday in Columbus. Casey already scored his first point in his first game before the Wild lost 4-2. Wellman was also responsible in aiding the team yesterday against Calgary to a 4-3 win. I’m sure Casey Wellman is full of more surprises and is definitely a kid to keep your eye on in the last few months of regular season play for the Wild.

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B said...

Lets hope that he stays with the Wild, seems like this kid has talent which god knows we need right now!