Friday, March 19, 2010

MN native signed on with the Wild

Nate Prosser, an Elk River native and avid Wild fan, has recently signed a one year deal with the Minnesota Wild. Since he was in high school, Prosser would attend games at the Xcel Center frequently to see his favorite players in action. Nate Prosser couldn't be more ecstatic for the chance to experience a game on the other side of the glass with "the Wild logo on his chest". Nate recently graduated from Colorado College and immediately signed on as a free-agent with the Wild. Although he won't get immediate play time, since the team is striving hard for a chance in the play-offs, Nate Prosser will still be working side-by-side with the team to get adjusted to the pro-level of hockey.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently Proccer received a $90,000 signing bonus and will get an $810,000 salary for ONE year. wow.