Friday, February 19, 2010

Saku and Mikko reunite on the ice at the Olympics

Saku Koivu, Mikko Koivu's brother, is not a Wild player because he decided to let his younger brother make a name for himself instead of being the "Koivu bros" on the team.

Saku is 8 and 1/2 years older than Mikko, and believed that Mikko would grow better as a player without his older brother hovering above him. Saku went on to sign with Anaheim after his decision not to play with the Wild, but the brothers will finally be reunited at the Olympics.

Saku and Mikko Koivu are excited for the chance to play side-by-side as they fight for the gold for their home country. Mikko played in the winter Olympics four years ago where his team was able to capture the silver, but is more ready than ever this year as the first-line center for Finland.

If you missed the game against Belarus, Finland pounded them into the ground with a 5-1 win. Mikko was responsible for three assists. This year marks the fourth Olympics Saku Koivu has participated in the Olympics, and is just proud to have his borther join him on the ince.


MN Wild Freak said...
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Anonymous said...

such a good game. and great to see the koivu brothers reunite for (possibly) the last time ever