Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USA upsets Canada 503

The Wild may have a break, but the Olympic players have not. If you missed the USA vs. Canada game this past Sunday, you really missed out. Canada was under the impression that the game was in the bag...before losing to the US 5-3. This was the biggest shock they never saw coming. This win for the US marked the first against Canada in the Olympic games since 1960. Ironically, the USA team had decided to wear replicas of the jerseys worn during that 1960s game vs Canada, which was also the last time we had captured the gold medal. The reason for the shock may also be due to the shots on goal, since Canada had doubled that of the USA (45 and 22). After the game, the streets of Vancouver were sullen and quiet while the Canadians were trying to wrap their heads around such a big upset to their country. Go USA!

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I just took over puckgonewild.com and noticed you use to post on there a bit. So just wanted to let you know it is back up and running.