Thursday, July 9, 2009

Which Wild roster members will be up to the task of fast-paced hockey?

From day one, Minnesota Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher has said that he wants to change the way the Wild play hockey. Fletcher wants to see a fast-paced game that revolves around strong puck handlers and fast skating. Which is why the Wild were courting Saku Koivu to fill the second line center position. Saku Koivu, however signed with the Anaheim Ducks and Fletcher said the Wild will not be perusing any more free agents.

So now the question becomes what will the Minnesota Wild offensive lines look like, one sports critic reported that it is likely Fletcher will go with Mikko Koivu centering Martin Havlat and Andrew Brunette on the first line and James Sheppard centering Owen Nolan and Pierre-Marc Bouchard on the second line. Last season Koivu and Burnette played very well together last season and hopefully adding Havlat to the mix will only amplify this powerhouse line.

Nothing will be decided until the Wild start skating late this summer but no matter who Fletcher decides to play it is clear that come this fall Wild hockey is going to be very different, and this is one Wild Fan that doesn't intend to miss a moment of the action.


Anonymous said...

Are you at all concerned that the Wild haven't added another formidable center? I feel like Shepperd will not turn out to be a 2nd line center. Like the blog; keep on going Wild!

MN Wild Freak said...

It is hard to say, yes I agree that it would be great to have drafted a really strong center but some critics are saying that up-tempo hockey will be better suited for Shepperd, I'm not ready to count him out just yet

Cortney said...

I'm super pumped that Havlat has joined the team, finally a forward that actually wants to play here! And at least he'll (hopefully) be PRESENT at the games. GLAD THAT GABBY'S GONE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply on my first comment... I can see what you are saying about Shepperd; I do think that the defense-heavy playing style that Lemaire used was hurting Shepperd's talent. Most of the times he was on a break away, by himself or with others, he did exhibit some nice speed and skills. I am totally willing to give Shepperd a chance! Also that Brodziak guy they picked up doesn't look to bad. In 07-08 he inked 31 pts, and in 08-09 he inked 27. He may be a good addition as well.