Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodbye Gaborik

It is official, Marian Gaborik is no longer a Wild player. Yesterday, July 1st, his contract with the Wild ended and he entered into Free Agent Status. He wasn't free for long though, Gaborik signed a 5-year $7.5 million dollar contract with the New York Rangers, eating up all of the cap space that had been rumored was being saved for Scott Gomez.

The Rangers are hoping that the former Wild Star, who scored 42 goals for the Minnesota Wild, will be worth the investment. When he is healthy Gaborik is considered to be one of the most elite skaters in the NHL, WHEN he is healthy. Many Gaborik-haters are saying that he is hurt more often than he is healthy and his reign on the Top 10 players in hockey list is over. I have to say that I am on the fence, at one point Gabby was the Golden Boy of the MN Wild and we all loved him, but lately his bad attitude and his hip-health have turned him into the older brother that everyone can't wait to leave for college and not come back. So while I am sad to see the last original Wild member skate to a different pond, I do have to say that this could be exactly what the Wild need to have a transition season.

Goodbye Gaborik!


Ready for a Change said...

I was ready to see him go... Gaborik was good and all. Key word WAS, I think that we will be better off without him!

No more Gabby said...

Good Riddance, Gaborik was an over-indulged whiner who felt that he was the whole team... clearly not. I can not wait to see how the Wild do this season without "our star"

Cortney said...

I am so ready for Gabby to be gone. He was a drain on the team's resources and energy level. Welcome to the new level of Wild talent!