Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minnesota Wild Roster

There is no question that the Minnesota Wild Roster will look dramatically different next year and I don’t usually like to play the guessing game on who’s going and who’s coming, but I think it would be beneficial to the Wild organization on many levels (team skill and fan marketing) to convince Saku Koivu (Mikko’s Brother) to sign via free agency.

Any other predictions on the future of the Minnesota Wild roster?


Anonymous said...

Get the Sedin Twins!! I know theres talk that they will end up in Toronto, but they would be fun to watch and are very good players and can score.. like i said playerssss. Get them and Saku, and you just upgraded the team alot. Minnesota SHOULD be one of the premier places to play for HOCKEY,, this is the state of hockey, we sell out every game. Hopefully we won't stay Defensive minded 100%. That definetly scared alot of players from comming here.

MN Wild Freak said...

I agree and I think owner Craig Leipold has sent the message to the fans and other NHL players that Minnesota is no longer a defensive minded team - we are looking for playersssss and scorers.

This should be an interesting off-season