Thursday, April 16, 2009

Minnesota Wild Season End

The Minnesota Wild Season End is bittersweet on many levels.

We won the last game of the season 6-3 and we were on a winning streak and probably playing some of the best hockey all season, but it was just too late. The Wild barely missed the playoffs. I just keep thinking if we would have played better in just one other game (like the Feb. 14 home loss after a three goal lead) it could have changed the whole season. I know you can’t go around wondering what if and chasing points, it will drive you crazy, but it sure would have been nice to make the playoffs…but then the question is did they even deserve to make the playoffs? The win one lose one team of the last few months certainly did not.

It’s also a closing of the Jacques Lemaire chapter. He and I have a love hate relationship so I am looking forward to the next era in Minnesota Wild hockey. Are you?

p.s. All the press conferences seem like Jacques made the choice to leave, but a source of mine at the Xcel Center said he was forced to leave. Hmmmmm….either way, Jacques Lemaire is gone and a new chapter will begin.

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