Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Wild Record We Aren’t Proud Of

After losing to the Mighty Ducks on Sunday in Anaheim, the Minnesota Wild set a franchise record for most consecutive regular season losses: 5.

Let’s hope the Wild can stop the skid down the slippery slope tonight at home against the Calgary Flames. Marian Gaborik should be back on the ice, but I wouldn’t count on him to be the silver bullet –we will need a total team effort to score goals and keep up the defense.

Gaborik has missed the past 27 games thanks to his groin problems. He missed 5 games last year and 34 the year before that. Fan support for this “star” is definitely waning and if he doesn’t come out and play big tonight, it might as well be over for him. I am guessing you might hear some boo’s in the Xcel Energy Center UNLESS Gabby can score a goal (or two) then all will be forgotten in the state of hockey – because we just to win, perhaps at all costs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here’s a “Wild” idea, Score Goals = Win Games

What will it take for the Minnesota Wild to win? Oh yeah, goals…and more than one. Saturday night Harding stopped 42 shots on net, but received zero offensive help and the Wild faltered 0-1. I hate those kind of games. The Wild look lethargic and they need to look hungry.

The Wild start a three game road trip on the west coast tomorrow night and I hope they play with more intensity on offense. I heard that Gaborik made the trip. If he’s hoping to collect any sort of paycheck in the next couple of years he better put up some goals real soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Loyal Reader of MN Wild Freak

A loyal reader and now contributor to MN Wild Freak emailed me last night with some insightful thoughts. He wrote:

Did you see the Wild-Canucks game tonight?

How does Boogaard get a 10 minute misconduct for being attacked by three players?

How does Mitchell get away with an obvious trip on Boogaard?

If the league is singling out Boogaard as an example of the kind of thuggery they won't tolerate, why did they let cheap-shot artist Brad May play in the Stanley Cup finals...and if that pricks name in inscribed on the cup, it's a travesty.

Lemaire should file a formal protest with the league. This is the kind of crap that makes the NHL look like a rinky dink league.

If I'd have been there, they probably would have had to kick me out of the arena for throwing garbage onto the ice, because that's exactly what the officiating was - garbage.

I've already lost interest in the NFL....the NHL isn't too far behind...


Thanks for the email Marv. I couldn't agree with you more on all of your points. All I know is that I hate the Canucks and that I am going to make sure that I grab a couple of Wild Tickets for the game on 3/31 to see Derek Boogaard lay down the law with Willie Mitchell.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Wild Fans

Finally a game Wild fans can be happy about. It’s no secret we don’t like to lose around here and you would have thought Monday’s defensive nightmare and loss to the Avs was the end of the world, but all is forgotten now that the Wild blanked the St Louis Blues last night at the X.

The Wild power play looked great and it’s no wonder the boys are ranked second in the NHL. We plowed right through the St Louis Blues last night. I hope to see more play like that come Friday night when the Wild face off against the Vancouver Canucks again at the Xcel. It will be a good game no doubt. I am sure that Vancouver will want to prove that they belong in first place in the Northwest Division, let’s hope the Wild want to prove it, too.