Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here’s a “Wild” idea, Score Goals = Win Games

What will it take for the Minnesota Wild to win? Oh yeah, goals…and more than one. Saturday night Harding stopped 42 shots on net, but received zero offensive help and the Wild faltered 0-1. I hate those kind of games. The Wild look lethargic and they need to look hungry.

The Wild start a three game road trip on the west coast tomorrow night and I hope they play with more intensity on offense. I heard that Gaborik made the trip. If he’s hoping to collect any sort of paycheck in the next couple of years he better put up some goals real soon.


Cortney said...

Gosh. I don't think they heard you. Five consequtive losses to date. Boo.

MN Wild Freak said...

The team is lacking an offensive leader, if they think it is Gaborik, they are mistaken.