Sunday, November 30, 2008

Marian Gaborik Better Get Real

I am not sure if Marian Gaborik has noticed but the Minnesota Wild is currently 14-7-1 and only one point out of first place in the Northwest division of the Western Conference. This is an awfully solid record for a team that has been without their "Superstar" for all but two of its 22 games. If the rumors are true about the Minnesota Wild offering Gaborik a multi year deal for close to the league maximum and him not accepting, he needs to get his head checked. There is absolutely NO WAY, that a "China Doll" like Gaborik deserves that kind of dough.

The best thing about Marian Gaborik being greedy, is that I think the Minnesota Wild players and those people lucky enough to have Wild Tickets have finally figured out that hockey is a team game and the Wild will be fine without Marian Gaborik.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to say it! So thank you.

Cortney said...

TRADE HIM. Get some young blood on the ice. We need guys that want to contribute, not guys that just want to see their bank account grow.

john said...

You're on Hockey Wilderness today.