Friday, October 24, 2008

Lemaire Over Coaches in Loss

In last night's defeat by the Buffalo Sabres, it became even more evident that there are times when Jacques lemaire over thinks, over scrutinizes and over coaches. With around six minutes remaining in the game and the Minnesota Wild having played great hockey in the second and the beginning of the third period, Lemaire called a time out and instructed his players on what to do the last six minutes of the game. Unfortunately, that moment was the beginning of the end.

The Minnesota Wild proceeded to play the rest of the game tight, unfocused and tentative. The Sabres scored three goals, one of which was the game winner in overtime, in less than five minutes. That left me, and by the looks on the faces of everyone at the Xcel Energy Center who bought Wild Tickets, shell shocked!

I hope that Jacques Lemaire just lets the Wild play next time they are playing well and up by two goals with less than six minutes remaining in the game. I am sure that it will result in a different outcome.


Evan J said...

Two goal leads have been dangerous lately..

Wisconsin Music Man said...

You don't want to mess with what works. Why would he get into their heads like that?