Thursday, July 3, 2008

Minnesota Wild Roster includes Andrew Brunette

I have been writing a lot about the Minnesota Wild roster changes over on my other Wild hockey blog, , but since it is so easy to see my MN Wild Freak post on June 19th that brought up the fact that the Minnesota Wild should put Andrew Brunette back in a Wild sweater, I want to say I TOLD YOU SO. I had a gut feeling that Andrew Brunette was coming back to Minnesota after I heard a brief rumor months ago. Bruno is a solid hockey player and I know he wants to play for Jacques Lemaire and the Minnesota Wild so that always helps. I am not happy that the Minnesota Wild couldn’t get things done with Brian Rolston and he will be sorely missed, but I still think we have a chance at putting a playoff bound team on the ice this year…as long as every one stays healthy.

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Cortney said...

I'm so excited that Bruno is back on the Minnesota Wild roster this year! Can't wait for the season to start!