Thursday, June 26, 2008

Minnesota Wild went tough, but won’t endure

It is interesting to this MN Wild Freak that the Minnesota Wild didn’t extend a contract to either Aaron Voros or Todd Fedoruk, both Minnesota Wild tough guys. It surprises me because the Wild went so tough last year and then what? Decided to change direction? I don’t know. They drafted physical defenseman Tyler Cuma, but why not try to keep Voros or Fedoruk to insure enough muscle on the ice for the immediate next season. It seems worthless to put together a tough team and then let it fall apart so quickly.

As far as skill players go, the Minnesota Wild still haven’t sealed a deal with Brian Rolston. It appears Rolston is looking for a bigger offer and hoping to get one post July 1st. Keep checking my hockey wilderness blog for Minnesota Wild Roster updates!

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