Sunday, April 15, 2007

No Consistency with Referees

I have spent the year enjoying the "New NHL" and the subtle changes that were made to the game that have put more of a premium on passing, speed and puck-handling. The NHL Referees did an excellent job of calling penalties any time that a player reverted to the "Old NHL" and held or obstructed a player. The game was just plain better! Now, for some reason, the NHL Referees have decided to call the games like they were called before. They have allowed the Mighty Ducks to obstruct and hold Minnesota Wild Players. It has taken the speed out of the game and has allowed the Mighty Ducks to turn this NHL Playoff Series into a flashback series where speed didn't matter and the outcome can be decided based on who can hold or obstruct the most. Hopefully, tonight the NHL Referees will decide to call the game consistent to the way that the entire regular season was called.

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