Thursday, December 28, 2006

Frustrated by the Minnesota Wild

I don’t know if anyone else is frustrated by the Minnesota Wild season, but I am. I have never been more excited about the start of a hockey season as I was prior to this year. I felt like the Minnesota Wild did everything right this off season. They signed Gaborik to a long term deal that guaranteed he would be here for many years. They traded for his best buddy Pavol Demitra. They signed numerous above average free agents, like hometown hero Mark Parrish. I thought, they had finally opened up their purse strings and our years of loyalty as fans would be rewarded with a Stanley Cup contender.

The season started out great but has now turned into a nightmare. I keep hoping that the last month or two of the season was just a bad dream, but i am afraid that it was not. I am sick of the excuses and I am not willing to pin all of their problems on Gaborik not suiting up. This team has too much talent and too much potential to go on a 10 game road losing streak. All I can say is they had better get it together or the Minnesota Wild faithful will start focusing on next year and pawning their Minnesota Wild tickets off on their unsuspecting neighbors.

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