Friday, December 29, 2006

Bad Coaching

Why doesn’t anyone blame Jacques Lemaire for the Minnesota Wild not winning on the road? The Minnesota Wild is 10 games below 500 on the road. That in my book can be attributed to bad coaching. It seems like everyone is afraid to question the coaching of Lemaire. We all appreciate what he did for the team in its infancy but now he has been given a team with above average ability and all the potential in the world...yet the team has not excelled. I am bored with hearing the same excuses every time the Minnesota Wild lose on the road.

Why aren’t the Wild prepared to win on the road? Why are there nightly breakdowns that cause the Minnesota Wild to give up late goals? Why hasn’t there been any changes made to try to turn the tide? Why don’t people point the blame finger at Jacques Lemaire? I am ready for the Minnesota Wild to play up to their potential on the road and in my estimation; it is up to the coach to make sure that happens. Please get your act together Jacque, we expect better!

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