Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All About Minnesota Wild Josh Harding

Meet Josh Harding, a goalie for the Minnesota Wild.

Josh Harding of Regina, Saskatchewan is the Minnesota Wild’s second goalie. Harding was Minnesota’s 2002 draft pick in the 2nd round and the 38th overall. This young, talented athlete has since started to prove himself as an NHL caliber player.

Josh Harding has been committed to Minnesota since 2002, yet spent several years playing in the WHL or AHL leagues to prep him for NHL play. In his first season with the Wild in 2002, Harding saw no ice time and didn’t record any stats. In 2005, Josh Harding played for 185 minutes and had 83 saves.

With his experience increasing in the NHL, Harding promises to be a solid goalie for the Minnesota Wild in years to come after signing a multi-year contract in 2002. Harding has mentioned how much he enjoys playing for the Wild because Minnesota “feels like home”.

Josh Harding is a solid goalie for the Minnesota Wild team and fans can count on him having a good game every start he receives in the net. Buy Minnesota Wild tickets now and see if Josh Harding can achieve another shut-out win for the Minnesota Wild.

Josh Harding

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