Thursday, August 30, 2012

MN Wild 2012 Season: Suter and Parise

It's seriously embarrassing how excited I am for puck season. I am such a sports fan; baseball, basketball, football, but can we be real for a second?

Hockey is so amazing. I grew up on a lake, my Dad played hockey for Cretin in high school, and I live in Minnesota. I feel like I was forced to like hockey, but not actually, because how could you not?

I could basically skate by the I learned to walk, and started playing in our community teams and the high school team by 4th grade and never stopped until I made it into college. Sorry, but D1 hockey is a little too competitive for me.

So.... probably it's fine that I'm excited about this?! Especially with Suter and Parise. Who's with me? Hockey fans, let's go.

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