Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pierre-Marc Bouchard Eligible Tonight

Minnesota Wild forward Pierre-Marc Bouchard (whose name always reminds me of the days I spent in France) will be eligible to play tonight after being suspended for two games for a high stick that bloodied the face of Columbus' Matt Calvert in Saturday's game.

Bouchard asserts that the intended point of impact was the hands of Calvert, not the face. However, the league said regardless of Bouchard's intent, he is responsible for the actual result of the slash up into the face area.

He will forfeit $4,108.10 in pay as a further punishment of the act.

Bouchard is back this year after missing more than a season with a concussion.

Brent Burns, former teammate, reached out to support Bouchard on twitter, "Butchy apologizes to ants if he steps on one. No chance he even attempts to hurt anyone out there. Freak accident."

I think we have bigger problems on our hands... Bouchard talks to ants? Just kidding. Only trying to make light of a situation that should have never happened. A two-game suspension seemed steep. It is hockey after all.

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Kayla Mott said...

It was great to see Bouchard back on the ice after his suspension. Amazing picture by the way!