Friday, February 26, 2010

Cal Clutterbuck signs 3-year deal

Toronto native, Cal Clutterbuck, has signed a contract extension to stay with the MN Wild. This is Clutterbuck's second year with the Wild and he has decided to stay for another three. The team has taken a fond liking to Cal, with his great wing abilities and personality as a Wild player. Cal Clutterbuck currently holds an NHL record for hits in a season (356 in the 2008-09 season) and the team want that sort of aggression on their side of the ice. Clutterbuck stated, "I couldn't be happier. There is no other place I would want to be." He is the first Wild player to sign an extension during this season. With such an excitement for the game, Cal Clutterbucks return is highly anticapated by the Wild fans.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada vs. Russia TONIGHT!

Canada is set to play Russia in T-minus 2 hours. There was high hopes for a Sidney Crosby vs Alex Ovechkin rumble on the ice during the Olympics this year but this confrontation will not be for the Gold. Although both teams are powerhouse nations, they will be playing their hearts out tonight for the mere chance to keep going in the Olympics.

"That's a big rivalry," Crosby said Tuesday night. "We all know it. The fact that's its a big quarterfinal, the fact that it's them with one of us being done just adds more to it."

Canada and Russia will need to go hard or go home tonight, so tune in and watch what happens!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USA upsets Canada 503

The Wild may have a break, but the Olympic players have not. If you missed the USA vs. Canada game this past Sunday, you really missed out. Canada was under the impression that the game was in the bag...before losing to the US 5-3. This was the biggest shock they never saw coming. This win for the US marked the first against Canada in the Olympic games since 1960. Ironically, the USA team had decided to wear replicas of the jerseys worn during that 1960s game vs Canada, which was also the last time we had captured the gold medal. The reason for the shock may also be due to the shots on goal, since Canada had doubled that of the USA (45 and 22). After the game, the streets of Vancouver were sullen and quiet while the Canadians were trying to wrap their heads around such a big upset to their country. Go USA!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wild have a nice break due to the Olympics

Many of the Wild players finally have a break and will resume play on March 3 against the Calgary Flames. For those who didn't make it, they are all making a point to cheer on their fellow teammates as they battle it for their home countries in the Olympics. Wild players, such as Mikko Koivu and Niklas Backstrom, have already began play yesterday and have started out strong. Click HERE for the 2010 Olympics Ice Hockey Schedule.

Saku and Mikko reunite on the ice at the Olympics

Saku Koivu, Mikko Koivu's brother, is not a Wild player because he decided to let his younger brother make a name for himself instead of being the "Koivu bros" on the team.

Saku is 8 and 1/2 years older than Mikko, and believed that Mikko would grow better as a player without his older brother hovering above him. Saku went on to sign with Anaheim after his decision not to play with the Wild, but the brothers will finally be reunited at the Olympics.

Saku and Mikko Koivu are excited for the chance to play side-by-side as they fight for the gold for their home country. Mikko played in the winter Olympics four years ago where his team was able to capture the silver, but is more ready than ever this year as the first-line center for Finland.

If you missed the game against Belarus, Finland pounded them into the ground with a 5-1 win. Mikko was responsible for three assists. This year marks the fourth Olympics Saku Koivu has participated in the Olympics, and is just proud to have his borther join him on the ince.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Minnesota vs. Vancouver

Anyone catch the game this past Sunday at the Xcel Energy Center? I was so happy to see the Wild finally beat the Canucks this season, especially after being owned the past three games we played them. Vancouver may have been a little to eagar to get to their Olympic break in the season. They ended up giving seven powerplays up to the Wild, which really kick started the Wild into gear. This game was also great for Niklas Backstrom, who left the Xcel Energy Center with his first win in over three weeks. A 6-2 win is exactly what the Wild needed to show Vancouver they've made great strides this season. This game also had some great fights. If you missed the one where Boogaard just slams a player into the boards, I have it right here for you. (Who would take on Boogaard anyways?!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Backstrom back in net for Pheonix Coyotes game

After taking Backstrom out of the net for the past six games, the Wild have decided to take him off the injured list and back where he belongs. Josh Harding is still battling with an injured hip so this will be a good break for him to heal up. Niklas Backstrom has been dealing with a few back problems and being sick, but is ready to fight it out with his team.

In the last game against the Philadelphia Flyers, rookie Anton Khubodin had made 38 saves in his first NHL game helping the Wild win 2-1. We may see some great things from Khubodin in the near future if our starting goalies don't come through for the Wild.

Next year in Finland

I heard today that the MN Wild will be launching next year's season in Finland! Their first two games will be against the Carolina Hurricanes in Helsinki on October 7 and 8. Four other NHL teams will have their inaugural games in Europe as well (Sweden and the Czech Republic).

These games will be such a treat for Mikko Koivu, Antti Meittinen and Niklas Backstrom, since they are all Finland natives. These three are also on the Finnish Olympic hockey team this year.

I want tickets! Who wants to go to Finland with me?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dubielewicz reasigned

Wade Dubielwicz, a MN Wild goaltender, has been reasigned for the second time to the Houston Aeros of the AHL. MN Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher announced yesterday to the NHL of the team's decision. Right now, Dubielwicz is 12-10-0 with a 2.36 GAA and a .910 save percentage in 25 games with Houston this season. We'll have to wait and see if he can pick it up a bit, and be brought back onto the MN Wild roster.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hot Minnesalsa Player of the Week

So every week, the Minnesota Wild chooses a stand-out player that deserves a little recognition. Josh Harding, the goalie for the Wild, was recognized this week for his incredible saves and his die-hard attitude. Harding had started two out of the three games last week and, despite a hip injury, stopped 26 out of 28 shots against the Red Wings. With little rest and a lot of pain, Harding battled it out the very next night against Colorado and scored himself the first shutout for him this season. Lets hear it for Harding!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Burns is Back!

Brent Burns has come back to play for the Wild after suffering a concussion. Burns missed a total of 48 games with the Wild and is ready to bring all he has. A few of the players mentioned that after awhile, you learn how to get by with out him and it was such a boost to the team's moral when he came back. This is like forgetting about the money in your pocket. You know its yours but, when you find it, its such a great little feeling. Brent Burns is a great asset to the team, and brings that special energy and contagious optimism everywhere he goes. Great to have you back Burns!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just a tid bit of info for ya

I was checking out the Xcel Energy Center website today and came across their A-Z Guide. I thought that was really cool since so many people go there every year and either get lost on their way or have tons of questions. The website has everything you would ever need to know about the Xcel, from directions to its history. Just thought you'd like to know. Happy Monday!