Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Minnesota Wild's Biggest Need?

Minnesota WildThe Minnesota Wild have missed the playoffs the last 2 seasons. In "The State of Hockey" the expectations are always high. My question is what is the Minnesota Wild's biggest need? My answer is a young goal scorer (sounds simple enough, right?). They need a energetic and exciting player that Minnesota Wild fans can count on for a big goal. Marian Gaborik was the old franchise player but it was obvious the disconnect that was felt in his last season here. If the Wild can attain a young goal scoring wing than that would do wonders for the franchise. The Wild strive on discipline and defense, and with a true goal scorer to compliment Martin Havlat and Mikko Koivu, would be great for the franchise.


Anonymous said...

thank you captain obvious..but seriously, the wild really need a franchise player

Allison said...

we need someone to complete our team... just have to find him!

wild freakster said...