Friday, January 29, 2010

Shutout for the Wild vs. Avalanche

That game was sick last night. Colorado's goalie, Criag Anderson, was going for his fourth shutout game in a row until the Wild sideswiped him. With a bit over 4 minutes in the last period, Martin Havlat slid the puck into the net from a back hand pass from Kyle Brodziak. Havlat was riding down the ice sandwiched between three! guys and still got that perfect handle on the puck to push it in. Anderson never saw it coming, since he had already gone down to the right to block Brodziak. Absolutely stellar. The Wild had played the Red Wings about 24 hours before hand and, with Niklas Backstrom out for a bad back, Josh Harding had to step up to the plate...well, the goal crease anyways. This was a sweet victory for the Wild. Now they'll get a bit of rest before their game tomorrow vs the Sharks.

Here are the highlights of the game... (goal at 2:45ish)

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Anonymous said...

that was such a good game! go Wild!