Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Minnesota Wild had a rough road trip, but are home at the Xcel Energy Center next week

The Minnesota Wild are wrapping up a long road trip this weekend. The series started on Tuesday against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The MN Wild roster was skating strong after a great win against the Stars. The final score on Tuesday was Wild 5- Maple Leafs 2.

After a strong road win, which has been rare for the MN Wild this season, Wild fans were hopeful that the Wild roster was ready to step up their road game play. But this did not happen, the Wild played the Lightening on Thursday losing 4-3, and the Washington Capitals on Friday losing 3-1. It seems that the Minnesota Wild need to learn to play without the support of a hometown crowd. The Wild take on the Hurricanes tomorrow before returning home for a streak of home games.

Next week look for updates for the MN Wild home series

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B said...

It is such a disappointment to see the Wild play so well one night and then turn it around for the next night and lose... a little consistency please?!