Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chuck Fletcher New Minnesota Wild GM, but who will he select as Wild head coach

Well, I got it right. I put my money on Chuck Fletcher getting the Minnesota Wild GM job and he did. So I am going to do the same for Minnesota Wild head coaching job (frankly I am more interested in that any way).

Rumored Minnesota Wild Head Coach Candidates and (my percentage):

Paul MacLean, in Detroit Red Wings assistant (62%)

Todd Richards, San Jose Sharks assistant (17%)

Peter Laviolette, former Carolina Hurricanes coach (13%)

Craig MacTavish, former Edmonton Oilers coach (8%)

This one seems a little harder to predict. Perhaps because I think having former Gopher Todd Richards behind the Wild bench would be cool, but I personally think that Paul MacLean has been part of organizations that are powerhouses in the NHL (Detroit Red Wings and Anaheim Mighty Ducks) and I want to know the secret to their success.

Stay Tuned Wild Fans. It may be the ‘off-season’, but Wild Hockey is heating up!


Heineken said...

Paul MacLean please!!!!

Wade said...

Tippett, Richards, or Laviolette.

I'd bet on Tippett. Chuck is a 1st time GM, so he will likely match up best with experience--Tippett or Laviolette.

Richards is likely good, but novice GM and novice Coach is probably not a great idea.

I'd prefer Tippett.

MN Wild Freak said...

Wade, I liked your novice plus novice = bad idea ; but apparently Leipold didn't agree

Welcome *back* to Minnesota Todd Richards